Transcendence IT provides the full set of BMC Software services including products, education and consulting.

We have been serving BMC Software Customers since 2007 via world class solutions to their IT Service Management challenges in Middleware Management, Enterprise Discovery and Application Mapping, Performance Monitoring and Event Management, Datacenter Automation and Systems Integration.


Some of Our BMC Software Focused Solutions


BMC Middleware Management

• Automate the triage and remediation of middleware issues
• Easily control access to GDPR, HIPAA and PCI related message data
• Audit all changes to Middleware data and configuration
• Accelerate your mean time to resolution (MTTR) via Event Policies
• Validate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) via Historical Reporting
• Rapidly pinpoint middleware component failures via Dashboards


BMC Discovery

• Accelerate Application Mapping with our Mapping utility
• Integral to enterprise security management strategy
• Pre and Post Cloud Migration planning and management
• Mitigate risk when consolidating Datacenters
• Provides configuration data to better manage your IT business services
• Integrate Industry leading configuration data into any CMDB


TrueSight Operations Manager

• Jump Start Event Management initiatives by 6 months
• Integrate events from multiple point monitoring systems
• Automate Service based Incidents in ITSM
• Prioritize remediation activities with Service Impact Management


TrueSight Server Automation and SecOps

• Bridge gaps between Security and Operations teams
• Achieve compliance goals with less effort & free up valuable resources
• Compress time to remediate discovered vulnerabilities via automation


TrueSight Cloud Cost Control

• Plan and simulate migration of applications to the cloud
• Have full visibility into your on premise and cloud costs
• Automate your cloud Budget management processes
• Manage and optimize the use of Reserved Instances


Together we can transform your business and make IT work better for you. 


BMC Software provides IT solutions from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond to help businesses keep pace in today’s competitive marketplace.


Transcendence IT has a proven track record for successfully implementing and supporting the BMC Software solution suite. Our skilled team works closely with customers to find the right approach to maximize their investment.